Your ward 8 & 9 trustee Candidate

David Barrett

Scientist, Community Advocate


Similar to many folks, my path to Calgary has been through a number of other places. From growing up in Surrey, British Columbia, to doing post secondary education in Northern British Columbia, and then working and studying in Regina, Saskatchewan, I moved around Western Canada extensively, before putting roots down in Calgary.

Upon arriving in Calgary I was overwhelmed with the sense of community and volunteerism in the city, which quickly led to me getting involved. Since I have been in Calgary, I have been involved on the Renfrew Community Association board, including most recently in the role of president. Additionally I have been extremely active in local Environmental NGO's in a volunteer capacity, and continue to do advocacy around complete community building and environmental awareness and education. For my work at the community association level, I was one of the recipients of the Faces of Calgary Communities award in 2019, from the Federation of Calgary Communities.

Previous to Calgary, I have served as the director for a search and rescue organization, and volunteered extensively in various capacities with other organizations. I am now also the proud father of a toddler who has recently turned two, and have a fantastic and supportive partner who is also actively engaged in volunteerism.


After completing my high school diploma in the Surrey School District, I went on to complete a Bachelors of Science degree in Geography from the University of Northern British Columbia. I then moved eastward to Regina, Saskatchewan to complete a Masters of Science in Geography. After that I enrolled in a PhD program, again in Geography, at the University of Victoria, which is nearing completion. Throughout my PhD program I have also worked extensively, including my current research management position at the University of Calgary in the Department of Biological Sciences.

While completing my graduate degrees I have taking multiple course design, pedagogy, and teaching courses, including the completion of a certificate in post-secondary teaching from the University of Regina.

Relevant Work

I have been lucky throughout my career to have worked in the fields of higher higher education, consulting, and within multiple levels of government. With my formal training as a freshwater scientist (biologist), I have been able to work with organizations such as the University of Calgary, University of Victoria, Agriculture and AgriFood Canada, and many others. Additionally, as and environmental consultant, I have completed numerous contracts with Environment and Climate Change Canada, municipal governments, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, along with Alberta Environment and Parks.

My work experiences have required me to develop skills such as effective project management, budgeting, and effective communication. Throughout my career, I have also been an outspoken advocate about the importance of scientific education and public communication of science.

Examples of successful projects I have helped champion

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