1. The elimination of grants and overall reduction of funding to CBE has a significant negative impact on students’ learning environments.

      2. These cuts inevitably result in increased class sizes and a reduction of learning support staff

      3. With a growing city and the necessity for new schools, it is crucial that the CBE make parents and the government aware of the impacts of these cuts

      1. As neighbourhood demographics shift, schools run the risk of being underutilized and consequently closed

      2. The design of new schools should be such that the buildings are flexible, adaptable and can help serve the communities they are located in. All renovations of existing buildings should consider this as well

      3. The CBE should be an active player in community growth planning with the City of Calgary. Continued sprawl and the pull of residents from inner-city neighbourhoods to new communities results in an increased demand for new school facilities and corresponding startup costs, as well as reduced demand at existing facilities. When local area planning and other growth-related discussions are occurring, CBE should be engaged early in the process to help identify how these plans can keep community schools operational and sustainable over the long-term

      1. Reconciliation and anti-racist learning environments should be at the forefront of all decisions made by the CBE

        • The CBE should encourage and facilitate the enactment of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to action #62 – 65.

        • The incorporation of indigenous issues, history, and the ongoing legacy of residential schools needs to be a priority for any curriculum rewrites.

        • Resources should be developed alongside community members to help facilitate indigenous learning opportunities

      2. Simple actions, such as a name change for a school, should not require years of deliberation

        • Regardless of naming policies, or other bureaucratic hurdles exist, the CBE needs to be proactive, rather than reactive, to concerns flagged by students, teachers, and the public

      3. The CPS school resource office position should be removed and replaced with other appropriate preventative intervention measures. 

      4. Engaging with indigenous leaders and traditionally underrepresented community members will be a key part of ongoing, two-way communication

      1. The CBE should not be piloting updated curriculums that have been overwhelmingly identified as flawed

      2. The CBE should not be supporting the implementation of any curriculum that is not a product of deep and meaningful engagement with curriculum development and teaching professionals, community members, and parents

      1. Being accessible to the communities of wards 8 & 9, is crucial to providing good representation

      2. This includes taking the time to meet with students, teachers, and parents.

      3. The feedback received from community members will weigh heavily in my decision-making process

      4. I want to advocate for you, and the students of the Calgary Board of Education – to do that successfully, two-way communication is an absolute necessity and will be a priority

      1. The COVID-19 pandemic has been extremely hard on many families, including students.
      2. As such, we must do everything we possibly can do to get students back into the classroom safely
      3. I believe that all CBE staff should be required to be vaccinated, and that for the time being, masks should be required along with any other reasonable safety measures that can be implemented without impacting student learning.
      4. The province should be providing additional funding streams to improve HVAC and indoor air quality at schools to further help mitigate the risk of transmission of COVID.
      5. I am double vaccinated, and have followed all public health guidelines since the start of the pandemic – we’re all in this together, and the only way we move forward is through vaccinations and looking out for one another. As mentioned in the election forum I have participated in – I have no time for anti-mask or anti-vaccination sentiments.
      1. I am unequivocally in support of GSA’s in schools and believe that they should be safe spaces where students can go without fear of being outed.

      2. For many, school is one of few safe places – it should be kept this way. We need to continue to work on supporting the health and well being of all students in schools, especially those that are marginalized. This can include creating formal groups (ie GSA’s) and safe spaces, along with a welcoming learning environment.
      3. Any attempt to change this should be pushed back against, and the CBE should be actively working on creating these safe and welcoming environments.